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Bianca's commitment to her clients and canvases are one of the highest standards.

Her artistic flair editing and advice is second to none. She produces custom canvases that anyone would be proud of and I am one of them. Bianca has produced many a customs for me over the last year and a half and everyone of them have turned out exactly as the photos I have sent.

Bianca has removed bits, added words, completely designed a memorial from scratch, tweaked my black and white photos by adding a touch of colour etc.

I love how my pictures I send come to life through her attention to detail.

I'm looking forward to sending and working together to continue to produce such amazing canvases

Thank you Bianca for your commitment to diamond art.

Karen Watford

Bianca is very friendly, organised, helpful and professional. orders sent out quickly and well packaged. will buy from again definitely.

Jodie Van Loo

So excited to finally have an Aussie company supplying us with all things diamond painting related!!! Still early days for the business but so far doing an amazing job and will go far.I don't know Bianca personally but can tell she takes great pride in her business and goes above and beyond to source great quality products at very fair prices. Her customer service is outstanding considering she is only one person!I have the DMC code book on preorder but recently received my order of clear glow in the dark drills.They arrived promptly and very well packaged. The are so pretty and easily glow once activated. It's so exciting to have these available in Australia now and not have to pay ridiculous amounts for similar products overseas. I can't wait to use them with my next round drill project.Also looking forward to the many many more products Bianca has planned for the store!


Connie Wiseman

I can't speak highly enough of Bianca Ascher. Her kindness and generosity is beyond outstanding, (when it looked like my parcel was lost in transit) she just went beyond all expectations from a buyers perspective, Bianca is exceptional in every way. Just would like to say a huge thankyou to her

Sue Anne


Bianca Ascher

Aurora Diamond Art

My name is Bianca and I have had a passion for art since I was a child. I have since found the artform of Diamond Painting. It has led me to where I am today sharing my love with others and creating a reliable and quality assured brand to help Australian’s be able to afford more than what is outside of our realm of the oceans that surround us. Products within the Diamond Painting community are required to be imported to get a much used item so it is with this that Aurora Diamond Art was created to help those within Australia to find a product with a quality brand closer to home. Products are sourced and created by myself – an avid diamond painting lover, for you, the master of your own work. We are a growing community that supports one another so if I can help those that want to progress their craft by means of accessories, books and other little tid bits, I am glad I can help those that are looking for what I do.


Aurora Diamond Art, PO Box 2004, Taylors Lakes, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3038.